49 pictures – III

49 pictures of successful photographic moments where I was enjoying my visual attentiveness; seeing something out of the blue, allowing the experience, letting it in and taking some time.

  • Taking some time to understand my perception and its vividness fully – and only then I take out my camera.
  • Taking some time to fully letting it in and fully understand can happen in a few seconds or a few minutes.
  • Taking some time can be done slow or quicker, as long as needed to fully gain trust.

With kindness, genuineness and precision as my navigator throughout the whole time to the very end – one moment at a time.

Appreciating something when seeing something 

Seeing something out of the blue and allowing oneself to appreciate the experience of seeing and what is seen, is an important aspect in the practice of Miksang Contemplative Photography. To take a picture you need a camera…

Seeing something and appreciating is what we can do without any prerequisite.

Seeing something and appreciating is what we can do with little time and effort.

As we get the hang of seeing something and appreciating it, and we start noticing that each time we feel better and we feel better and we feel better as we appreciate, and see more and see more and see more, and we start seeing the infinite beauty…. then we would like to do this more.

And so we create a momentum which is supported by ‘what we put in is what we get back’, and our heart starts singing in joyous alignment with who we really are.

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