Helen Vink Miksang“In 2006 I coordinated and participated in the introductory workshop on Miksang Contemplative Photography workshop in Cologne, Germany – the first Miksang workshop in Europe.

This encounter created the opportunity to combine my photographic and artistic experience and meditation experience, and I immediately understood the freshness of this unique artistic discipline. The freshness of pure seeing and the freshness of expressing this joyful experience directly and precisely with the camera. 

I completed the Miksang course of study with Michael Wood, and have taken several workshops more than once. In 2008 I completed the Miksang Teacher Training in Boulder, Colorado, and since I teach Miksang workshops in the Netherlands and in Europe.” Hèlen Vink

Arts & Shambhala

After a semi-professional career, in speed-skating until her 20th year, she studied photography and sculpturing at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. After two years at this school, she continued as an artist (self-taught) and worked on 3-dimensional installations, photo works and a variety of projects.

Over the following years she became increasingly discontented concerning her development within the contemporary arts, while simultaneously her interest and curiosity about giving meaning to life and the meaning of life grew. Auspicious circumstances led to a visit at the Shambhala Center in Amsterdam, and with a conversation about contemplative arts a new chapter began.

In 1997 Hèlen Vink began studying the teachings on Dharma Art by Chögyam Trungpa at the Shambhala Centres in the Netherlands, France and the USA. At the same time she began her studies and practice of Shambhala Buddhism. In 2000 she met her dharma teacher Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

Somewhat more than a week later a traffic accident caused a major change of life. Her recovery involved a serious deepening into meditation and Shambhala Buddhism, and the introduction into a variety of contemplative arts.

Hèlen Vink lived and worked in Shambhala Buddhist centres in France and in the USA.


She lives in Zandvoort, Netherlands, where she enjoys the beach and learning to SUP surf. She is also a meditation instructor, and organizes meditation evenings in her hometown.

Following my heart

Hèlen Vink 2017To keep my inspiration alive and out of pure enthousiasme for awakeness, being more of my ‘self’ and discovering in infinite ways what’s more, I always keep exploring – with loving curiousity as my navigator. I trust what comes timely into my life and across my path and makes me happy. In this way I encounter multiple perspectives, on being and expressing genuinely and being the best self, ultimately all coming from the one and same source.

  • Recently I have found great inspiration at the 2-day seminar of Abraham Hicks in Amsterdam.
  • Abraham Hicks on The Law of Attraction, aligning oneself at all times, being a conscious creator and on the The Art of Allowing.
  • Bashar explains the principle/formula of Being your true self and true creativity.
  • I regularly visit the Trinfinity Academy; an free online school on Enlightenment and Empowerment.
  • Kongtrul Rinpoche on Integrating Art & Wisdom; heart warming talks on art & wisdom.
  • Kiesha Crowther – Little Grandmother I took part in her wonderful Shamanic Journeys.
  • Wendy Palmer is the founder of Leadership Embodiment; a powerful method using one’s body to understand the reactive reactivity which the body always speaks first(in stressful circumstances) – from here learning how to centre, stabilizing one’s centre and then come into action.

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