Is always present in us. Whether we are awake, in full contact with something around us or in full contact with a person or something, or whether we are absorbed in our inner dialogue, going over a conversation with ourselves or going over a conversation with someone in ourselves, absorbed in a phantasy or taken along by our associations.

No matter what.
We are always aware.

Awareness is even aware of its own awareness.
As soon as we ask ourselves if we are aware, we are aware.
The nature of our experiences, our emotions, our thoughts is that they are ever-changing.
Like clouds.

But our awareness is always present, unchanging.
Like the blue sky. With and without clouds.

We cannot be not-aware.
We are always aware.

  „You are the sky. Everything else  – it’s just the weather.“   Pema Chödrön

©Hèlen A Vink
February 22 2015, Zandvoort