Contemplative photography is not what you think

Seeing is deeply connected with feeling what resonates with you – feeling when seeing something. You feel touched and you trust this immediate non-conceptual resonance of your heart.

Thinking about what you see is very different. The speed of our thoughts is relentless and takes us instantly out of the moment. Out of our feeling, into our head.

In the practice of contemplative photography we simply become available for what is already present around us. All the time. We learn to notice and see more directly. In the contemplative approach of photography we do not create themes or search for ideas to photograph.

Our intention is to connect with what we see, directly. These moment of direct seeing we call ‘flashes of perception’. Flashes of perception come out of the blue and we feel them, for a short moment or a longer moment.

Whatever we perceive at first sight we trust. Contemplative photography is the experience of seeing directly. We stay with this vivid experience and express our experience with our camera, gently and precise. In this way we practice trusting what resonates with us. We practice being in the present moment and at the same time we strengthen the power of our heart.

What happens when we trust seeing from the heart?
When we are able to relax our ideas and thoughts about the world, the world around us opens up to us.
And we perceive the magic and beauty of our everyday world.
As it is.

The magic of…
…the steam from the kettle, a leaf on the ground, seeds everywhere, stripes of light, clothepins lined up, the softness and tenderness of the sleeping cat’s paws, reflections in the water, the deep red from the backlight of a car, a hand on the traffic light’s push button, flyaway hair in the wind, rain drops… Endless perceptions!

Here is my Miksang Heart Advice:
Be curious and walk around gently.

Warm greetings from the realm of endless visual experiences,

Hèlen Vink

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