Cool Boredom

A key principle in the Dharma Art teachings is ‘cool ‘boredom’.

Space ~ 

This principle and experience of ‘cool boredom’ points to the ability of our inner space for not much happening. Allowing ourselves for not much happening.

We don’t fill up this space with opinions, associations, comparisons, projections of liking or disliking and other active reasoning.

We simply appreciate our senses and sense experiences – experiencing our connection to ‘other ‘and others.

We appreciate the fullnes and emptiness of the present moment.

We often see the same ~ 

Or better, we often might see something that looks more or less the same as what we have seen before.

Instead of rejecting the experience and label it as ‘I have seen this before’, and go look further for other things you have never seen before; hold steady.

Let the experience of this new resonance, the impuls of seeing something just like that, in.

As if you see it for the first time – as this is what is happening.

You see it right there and then, for the first time with the you of that moment.

Appreciation ~ 

In the absence of active conceptual brain activity, in the presence of stillness,

there is room to appreciate it as it is.

Be with it as it is.

Appreciate it as it is.

Again and again, as a cool gentle breeze.

Nothing special, and for that reason very special.

©Hèlen A Vink, July 9 2016, Zandvoort