Das Beste von sich selbst

Practicing photography with the approach of contemplative photography always results in pictures that mirror YOU. The best of you.

What does that mean?

Pictures taken from a state of unprejudiced looking, spontaneous seeing and applying the discipline of the three aspects of the contemplative photography method, are always the end result of how genuine you applied the Miksang method.

The picture is the result of disciplined appliance of the Miksang method, onto a fresh spontaneous perception out of the blue, expressed with your camera. In a calm, passionate, elegant, kind and aesthetic way.

  • The picture mirrors whether this has succeeded.
  • The picture mirrors precisely that what you have seen.
  • The picture mirrors precisely that; nothing needs to be taken out, added or altered.
  • The picture mirrors whether you were in a hurry or relaxed and stable.

How do you know it worked out?

You FEEL the picture. It is complete.

The picture gives you a happy and content feeling.

Seeing the picture again feels as if you experience the perception and the feeling of being stopped anew.

There is no need to explain the picture.

You are looking in the mirror of yourself.

The picture mirrors the best of yourself.


It reflects that particular unique moment of clear seeing and joyful expression.

What resonated with you.

Out of the blue, unexpected, unprejudiced.

To the best of your ability.

The picture shows your inherent state of receptivity and preciseness of expression.

What words cannot express, but a picture does.

Always the best of yourself.

©Hèlen A Vink, Scheveningen, July 17 2015