Disziplin der Spontaneität

Shooting a lot of pictures and hoping for the best?
Is there another way?

Yes, there is.

Every picture you take can be right on the spot.
On the spot: one moment, one click.

Hope(that it will work out) and fear(it is not working out) are not part of this method. But highly likely it is part of your process while taking pictures!

So let’s start at the beginning: with looking. As seeing is the natural result. When we look, we see.

Next we add our curiosity and apply it: if you really look, what do you see?

These are the basics of contemplative photography.

  • Mindful looking
  • We trust our eyes always see what is there
  • Be curious

Now we need to do the next thing: the not-doing.
That is, we really need to relax our ‚projections‘. There is no other relaxation needed than this particular relaxation. We stop projecting our projections onto everything and everyone around us, and onto ourselves. We leave our ideas and chain of thoughts at rest. We do not follow our thoughts, we put them aside.

Then we can meet our inner stillness, the always present awareness in us.

From this open space within, the stillness within, the always present awareness within, we see something.
Out of nowhere. And we recognize something strikes us.
Something from our immediate surroundings resonates with us, and we notice.

We commit and take a picture. Of what we see.
Because we choose to do so.

The discipline is looking from our inner stillness.
Spontaneously we see something, is this follows naturally.


©Hèlen A Vink
January 30 2015, Zandvoort