Egal wo ich gehe, immer meine Kamera dabei

Meine Kamera immer dabei

Dangling on my wist, or in my purse and an extra battery stacked away. Always prepared to be able of make a picture.
Prepared to photograph when seeing something unexpected, out of the blue.

Wenn Sie die Kamera wirklich bringen hilft

This helps to really stop and allowing to letting the perception in – if there is the time and circumstances to do so.  It helps to physically stand still, and stay longer attentive with the perception and the experience of perceiving the perception.

The experience of looking, seeing something unexpected and letting it completely in. Then I more can easily decide to make a picture, or not.

Following up on a visual resonance and going though the visual discerning process knowing I have my camera available.

Die Kamera als Erinnerung

Als Erinnerung um frei zu schauen und einfach aufmerksam zu sein, und meine visuelle Gewahren zu geniessen.
Ohne Kamera see Ich auch Sachen unerwartet, jetzt mehr denn je, und Ich geniesse meine Wahrnehmungen. Aber…

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Ohne Kamera

It is easier to slip away from the first impulse of seeing fresh. And continue thinking, or reasoning it away while going from A to B. Bringing the camera helps to become better in seeing something, noticing better, being more alert while going from A to B. Because we spend a lot of time going from A to B!

Berührt sein und dann ein Foto machen

Unprejudiced looking and seeing something out of the blue, begin struck, and then look deeper.
Is it possible to actually photograph my perception?

Naturally follows the practical part: which conditions are needed to complete the perception with photographing?

  • The subject doesn’t move to much, and the light conditions are easy.
  • I have enough zoom available to meet the subject.
  • I have a minute of two or more to actually stop.
Egal wo ich gehe, da bin ich.

Wherever I go, I always bring my availability to look and see along. And my camera.

Hèlen A Vink

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