Facebook Group overview 2018

Hereby a selection photos from Miksang practitioners, which gives an insight into all contributions of 2018 in the Miksang Facebook Group; a composition of the daily photos posted by Miksang practitioners. This group on Facebook is an opportunity for participants who have completed at least the 3.5-day workshop Seeing From The Heart to share, enjoy and learn.

This ‘Miksang Group’ on Facebook is an online community of Miksang practitioners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, UK, Portugal and Austria. It is a private group, and one can get added after completing Miksang 1 Seeing From The Heart, and intended as a safe place where it is possible to post and enjoy Miksang photos with like-minded people who have completed the same training and received the same instructions. The group with all its postings also serves as an inspiration, by posting or simply by looking at other’s fresh observations as successful and less successful photographically equivalents; the pictures.

Every successful Miksang picture is an expression of appreciating the extraordinary of the ordinary in one’s day-to-day surroundings.
Every successful Miksang picture reflects the experience of an aligned open heart, wakeful eyes and clear mind.
Every unsuccessful Miksang picture offers an opportunity to go deeper within, to go beyond the discursive reasoning mind and clear out mental obstacles.
Every successful Miksang picture is an expression of celebrating life – As It Is.
Every successful Miksang picture feels fresh, instantly.
Every Miksang picture serves as a mirror for oneself and others, and can be shared to enrich the world.
Every successful Miksang picture is an expression of love and light.

Here the camera is a wonderful medium to express one’s perceived perceptions through creative photographic expression, as an expression of light, love, appreciation.

With many thanks to Remy

(Mindful Photography), Jenny(Contemplative Photography), Richard(Contemplative Photography), Laurina, Bram (on Instagram), Karin, Wil, Yvonne, Dieter, Anjali, Dirk, Antoni, Annelies, Marga, Renée, Jittie, Wieke, Ruth, Joke, Thomas, Ciska, Jeannet, Irene, Ieke Henk, Urs, Jeannette, Marij, Frank and Jola.

May all fresh perceptions in the form of successful Miksang photos contribute to the beauty in the world.
May all these contributions open many eyes and touch many hearts.
May this contribute to the appreciation for the beauty of the everyday – the sacred world.

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