Gott ist im Detail

Interest and appreciation for details is the main gateway; to yourself, to the connection to the sacred world of beauty and brilliance, to greater awareness, to letting go of any kind of resistance, to feeling connected to the divine of all what-is.

By deep attention and persistent interest for details the true and pure beauty shows itself to you. The divine of all what-is reveals itself.

One perception at a time 
The base of the Miksang practice lies in beginning to decompose the world of form. Decomposing the world of form here is meant to pave a way to be able to see beyond our concepts, beyond the consensus we have agreed upon already a long time ago of continuous naming and labeling things and situations around us.

The purpose of decomposing is to engage with one element of form, with one perception at a time. This is a big help in simplifying the ongoing input of our everyday world world: we focus our sensing.

What comes inevitably out of this visual and perceptual exploration, exploring the smaller parts, is the amazement about the enormous amount of perceptions. By continually stepping in into our resonance of what shows itself out of our day-to-day world, we establish our looking, seeing and being. 

And because of appreciating details the beauty of the bigger world opens up!

But, appreciating detail can be challenging
In the enormous amount of input and richness of our current modern world it can be challenging to feel appreciation for the details around us.

The aphorism „God is in the details“* is usually attributed to the German architect and designer Mies van der Rohe, and characterizes the way he designed and payed meticulous attention to the execution of his minimalistic designs, in which the details completed the overall. ‚More is less‘ states his vision.

Appreciating sacredness begins very simply by taking an interest in all the details of your life. Interest is simply applying awareness to what goes on in your everyday life–awareness while you’re cooking, awareness while you’re driving, awareness while you’re changing diapers, even awareness while you’re arguing. Such awareness can help to free you from speed, chaos, neurosis, and resentment of all kinds. It can free you from the obstacles to nowness, so that you can cheer up on the spot, all the time.

C. Trungpa, from „Shambhala; The Sacred Path of the Warrior“

*The aphorism „God is in the details“ is supposedly earlier attributed to the French writer Gustave Flaubert; ‚Le bon Dieu est dans le detail“.
©Hèlen A Vink, Zandvoort, 16 augustus 2015