Heaven, Earth, Man & Magic



Location: Tarifa, Spain & Bolonia, Spain & 1 day in Tanger, Morocco

Dates: November 13 – 18, 2020

Pre-requisite: on invitation after having completed Miksang 3

Join us in this heartfelt exploration of ordinary magic and visual delight in Tarifa, Bolonia and Tanger. Come and play!

When descending from our heads to our hearts we bring heaven on earth”

With the principles of Heaven, Earth and Man we further explore moments of clear seeing, letting heartfelt seeing fully in and the practice of contemplative photography. The principles of ‘heaven’, ‘earth’ and ‘man’ in arts come from the Chinese and was further developed in Japan, but these universal principles can be found everywhere.

The base, the fundament: we are available to notice and experiencing a vivid perception, joyfully so.

Heaven is the basic space from which all begins and accommodates all experiences and further unfolding.

  • On the outer level it is the basic backdrop a perception dawns. The most spacious quality, the grand gesture.
  • On the inner level it is about knowing our inherent clear seeing and being available to notice.

Earth is the second element & principle, supported/supporting the space element/principle

  • On the outer level it is not bigger than space and not smaller than the ‘men’ principle.
  • On the inner level it is the aspect of developing a sense of boldness & confidence in expression. By stabilizing inner stillness and harnas inner stillness we also develop more confidence. We come to the point of dissolving any photographic ambition and replacing this with having zero expectation about the possible photographic outcome. This earth fused with heaven principle.

Man is the third element and principle, joining haven & earth

  • On the outer level this is where the picture shows a balanced esthetic composition, which has come together naturally; it is complete.
  • Free from inner filters, such as naming, associations, free from strong ‘like’ and ‘don’t like’ preferences, and free from outer filters, phototechnical filters. Both on the spot when being struck, and further committing to a fresh perception, as well in the after editing.
  • On the inner level it is expression with joy, gentleness, elegance – when we express from the heart, from an aligned state of being and seeing we bring heaven on earth. The picture is a reflection showing pure beauty, awakeness, effortless and buoyancy. Here is where perception, experience & expression come together – balanced and harmoniously.


  • Trust your resonance, your flash of perception, engage and let it unfold – in a state of not-knowing, and express your vivd experience with skillful means.

Magic is the power within. You have enough strength, exertion and energy to view things as they are, personally, properly, and directly. You have the chance to experience the brightness of life and the haziness of life, which is also a source of power. Relaxing in the discipline of clear seeing, pure perception and pure photographic expression opens up the magical world of the unexpected beauty of the mundane.

Everybody has the tendency toward intrinsic beauty and intrinsic goodness, and talent comes along with that automatically. When your visual and auditory world is properly synchronized and you have a sense of humor, you are able to perceive the phenomenal world fully and truly.

The only magic that exists is the life, this world, the particular phenomena right this moment. Right now, right here, you are this magic. Magic is direct and personal and lingers in our state of being. It is choiceless magic. This magic is wakeful magic.

Chögyam Trungpa

We will practice these principles and PLAY 🙂 With and/or without shoes! In a enjoyable and light manner we will be able to enjoy more of the ordinary magic which surrounds us all the time, and at the same time deepen inner stillness, equanimity, appreciation and our photographic expressiveness.

To actually express fresh perceptions grounds ourselves into existence, so we can actually play with our unique heartfelt moments of fresh seeing. Experiencing the joy of seeing fresh and growing evermore into the confidence of clear seeing, and expanding out clear seeing. The practical magic is the possibility of sharing moments of clear and pure seeing through our pictures!    

We will play always NOW – pure perception and pure photographic expression in the now.            Bolonia Tarifa 2018

Bolonia Tarifa 2018                Bolonia Tarifa 2018

  • Three days in the dunes of Bolonia.
  • In the meantime in Tarifa town; next to being ‘a tourist'(yes you will:), there is plenty of room to redirect your intention to looking and seeing beyond place, time, culture and preferences. Shopping and getting groceries is also time and an opportunity to practice.
  • One day in Tanger with a guide – we keep our seat in the practice of contemplative photography in an exotic location.
  • The last day takes place in Tarifa; downtown and at the beach.

Bolonia dunes 2018               Tanger 2018

Bolonia Tarifa 2018

Each day we will enjoy a wonderful lunch together(optional) – long lunchtime is part of the local culture, as is siesta time.

Experience the powerful earth location of the Bolonia dunes.

Spending time in Tarifa and the Bolonia area can give a real feeling of being off-grid.

Visiting an exotic location, while maintaining our Miksang seat.

Enjoy the daily views of the Moroccan Rif Mountains, seen from Tarifa.


Visual impression in Tarifa, Bolonia, & Tanger. CLICK HERE >>


  • Dar Cilla Guesthouse >
  • This is a wonderful building with luxury apartments, with a kitchen/kitchenette – and a lovely communal roof top terrace.

Upon booking an apartment you receive a Miksang discount for the duration of your stay:

  • One apartment for one person €40,- p.n.
  • Double apartment for 1 person : €50,- p.n. / for 2 persons €100,-
  • Triple apartment €45,- based on three persons occupancy.

Pricing Dar Cilla Guesthouse

For the duration of the Miksang Intensive(including days before and after) Dar Cilla Guesthouse offers a good discount rate for Miksang Students, when there is a minimum of 4 bookings in Dar Cilla Guesthouse.

Contact Martina De Rijke and book a room | +34 653 467 025 | info@darcilla.com |


Day 1 – November 13: Introductory talk in the (early) evening at 18.30 hrs.

Day 2 – November 14: introduction in heaven, earth, man and moments: Bolonia

Day 3 – November 15: Bolonia dunes

Day 4 – November 16: Tarifa & Bolonia dunes

Day 5 – November 17: Tanger, Morocco; day trip with guide. (bring passport; ID card is not valid for entering Africa)

Day 6 – November 18: Tarifa & Tarifa beach

Day 7: November 19: departure day(or later)

  • *Schedule has some flexibility,depending on weather conditions; except for the scheduled trip to Tanger, this day is fixed


  • €595 (excluding day trip to Tanger with guide)

Early Bird Registration

  • €545 
  • €50 discount valid until August 15th 2020

Group size

  • Min. participants 4 – max. 10


  • Meals and snacks
  • €75 for the day trip to Tanger – this includes speed ferry ticket, guide and tourbus – exclusive lunch & tips.


Flying in at Sevilla Airport or Malaga Airport 

  • Good bus connections from both airports to Tarifa, with one transfer in Algeciras.
  • Pick up directly from airport, by German couple from Tarifa (€110 for 1-3 person \ 23.00 – 07.00 hrs /€120 for 1 – 3 persons : inform who would like to share the ride)
  • Share a rental car: very accessible desks at airport.

Flying in at Gibraltar: 45 minutes by car from Tarifa

Flying in at Tanger: by speedferry in 45 minutes to Tarifa (check if you need a visa for Morocco)


  • Weather: The average temperature in November is about 19° Celsius, and the ocean water is at its warmest, good for a swim!
  • Tarifa is well-known for windsurfing and all kinds of water activities, as it has two oceans on each side: the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The city Tangier, in Morocco, is situated across the ocean within 14 km, easily reachable by a speed ferry boat. Note: bring passport, necessary to enter Africa! An ID card is only valid with Europe. Set your debit card on ‘Africa’ if you wish to buy something.
  • Bring layers of clothing: it can be really warm when the sun comes out and it can be chilly when there is no sun (this is what Spanish people call cold weather)
  • Rain can come at unpredictable times, depending on two winds; the Levante wind or Poniente wind; bring light rain gear and a chamois leather cloth for your camera.
  • Bring good walking shoes, or general comfortable shoes, and flip flops as well 🙂

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