Miksang 5: Infinite Unfolding

Dates: April 16 – 19, 2020 |this workshop is confirmed! | 

  • Location: Zandvoort, Netherlands |
  • Group size: max. 8 participants – 1 place available |

Now we have explored the visual spectrum and our photographic expression based on our aligned eyes, heart and mind and understanding of the Miksang practice.

We let go of subtle Miksang habits ànd Miksang limitations which we have developed in our Miksang Journey until now, consciously and unconsciously.

As we have stabilized perceiving the great variety of endless perceptions, and feeling confident and recognize what resonates visually, and having familiarized ourselves wit our cameras as a medium to express our heartfelt visual perceptions, we are ready to enter the field of visual complexity.

  • We will explore the differences between visual complexity and things being complicated, such as layers, paste up, juxtapositions and reflections.
  • In the here and now, whether that is in our familiar environment, or on our way out in the open, or visiting places, we will explore being available with stabilized stillness, and being able to perceive complex visual layers.
  • Without the trap of slipping back into the conventional and mental photographic approach.
  • From the place of curiosity we explore complexity and we let complications for what they are, going beyond complicated.
  • The objective is to fully enjoy visual richness and embracing the infinite unfolding.
  • Celebrating life As It Is and our joyful experiences of it and in it, expressing genuinely as we go, sharing ‘fresh’ as we go.
  • Uplifting our world one moment at a time.

Without restrictions, free from being against of for something, no other reference frame than being available and genuine photographic expression as the gateway to the embodiment of clear being and joyful genuine creative expression.

Our loyalty is, regardless the circumstances, towards taking our time in the here and now, and allowing to let in what we see heartfelt in all of its complexity, in the midst of complexity.

Falling in love with the world as it is, appreciating the world as it is giving expression with our cameras.

Free of resistance, free of the play duality, free of being against of for aspects of the vials world, free of subtle concepts, genuine, confident, no hesitation, with zero expectation about the photographic outcome.

A truly joyful loving journey of exploring the visual richness, perceiving flashes of perception, and genuine photographic expression!

“See clearly, know what is, and act decisively”

Infinite perceptions, infinite unfolding.

  • Pre-requisite
    On invitation
  • Price
  • Location: Zandvoort & Amsterdam