Looking, seeing, being and photographing in Zürich

An inspiring time and wonderful gathering of Miksang practitioners from Switzerland and Germany at the 3-day Masterclass Essential Instructions in Zürich, in June! Awesome days of luxurious ‘bathing’ in looking, seeing, being and practicing genuine expression of our heartfelt seeing with our cameras.

The emphasize in this deepening workshop is on slowing down our tendency to press the button and not hesitating when we do feel struck, feel touched when seeing something out of the blue. The visual exercises and discussions are key to experiencing feeling connected, fearlessness and leaning into gentleness about our everyday world. Which we receive visually and perceive through a clear and empowered mind and sense of being who we truly are.

Enjoy my selection of random moments of seeing, being touched, allowing to let one moment at a time of being touched in, and connecting more deeply by actually taking one picture at a time. In Zürich 🙂