Miksang Master Class I – The Essential Instructions

Master Class I: The Essential Instructions
on Looking, Seeing, Being and Photographing

  • Location: Zandvoort, Netherlands
  • Dates: June 13 – 16, 2019 | Confirmed! (5 spaces left, out of 8) | 

This is called a Master Class because it will guide you into confidence and genuineness so that you can become a master of your ability to express your experience of vivid visual perceptions.

The basis of the Miksang journey is to have a relationship with the actual practice of clear seeing. This involves understanding and working with three aspects:

  • The Flash of Perception
  • The Visual Discernment
  • Forming the Equivalent

In order to be able to collapse our discipline into a single moment so that shooting is completely free and spontaneous, we have to be firmly balanced on the two legs of genuineness and confidence. Without these, we can become confused by uncertainty, self doubt, and external reference points. We can slip into the trap of negotiating our direct experience with conventional arguments.

Each day of the workshop we will explore as a group one of the above aspects in more detail than is possible during other Miksang Levels.
We will also learn from each other during these group explorations.

The emphasis in this workshop is on the three aspects of the practice of contemplative photography. With more details we will than has been possible in other Miksang workshops.

We begin to slow down deeply and relax our active reasoning mind (of wanting to take ‘beautiful’ Miksang pictures, and our expectation of how they should look like and all our mental’ noise’). The exercises will help us to lean effortlessly into non-referential being, into context-free looking, fresh seeing and wakeful precies photographic expression.
The exercises also will help us understand the refinements of all three aspects.

This Master Class will deepen your own understanding – on your own level, as there is not other level than your own level.

This class offers an opportunity to dive deeper into the practicality and non-logical magic of uninhibited looking, fresh seeing and pure photogpraphic expression and will give you a deeper personal understanding of the nature of contemplative photography.

As part of this course you will be introduced to the practice of new exercises.

Pre-Requisite: Miksang 1 Seeing From The Heart >

This 3-day workshop is highly recommended, and a requirement for Miksang 5.


  • Introductory talk on the first evening
  • workshop day 1 – 09.30 hrs- 18.00 hrs
  • workshop day 2 – 09.30 hrs- 18.00 hrs
  • workshop day 3 – 09.30 hrs- 18.00 hrs


  • 3,5-day workshop: €390,-

Location Zandvoort: max 8 participants

Location Zandvoort Googlemaps >

Following the workshop ‘De Essentiële Instructies voor Kijken en Zien‘ helped me to experience the miksang process and its different stages much deeper, to follow each single step of the miksang practice more thoroughly, more patiently and with much more care then before. As reward for the more disciplined and careful approach I experience much more appreciation for the flashes of perception I have. One of the qualities of a flash of perception is that it is joyful, relaxed and liberating. Since the workshop, for me these feelings are connected to practising miksang. We learned different perception excercises which help me coordinate mind, eye and heart, so that I am open and receptive.

~ Anjali Korf – www.anjaliphotography.com

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Updated: May 21 2019