Miksang 4: Space & Deep Looking

  • Dates: September 27-30, 2018 (in English) Confirmed! |
  • Location: Zandvoort, Netherlands |

Space brings inspiration!

Our experience of seeing and being in space, effortless, visually awake and with ease, is the central exploration here. We deepen our understanding of direct perception and understand how to dissolve our reasoning thinking simply by leaning into the spacious quality which is always and already present. As well inside ourselves as around us. This is the most easiest shift we can make, because space is so much present, and we know it so well within.

Both on spacious gross level as on a spacious subtle level we dissolve our tendency to refer back to a frame of reference, either of conventional photography or of relative knowing.

The emphasis in this workshop is how we experience seeing spaciousness in various forms and shapes. With deliberate effort we engage our fully awake relaxed self visually, so we can  explore space as form, form as space and space, form and phenomena or space form and energy in a very stabilized manner. One moment at a time!

With visual exercises, photographic assignments and reviews we expand into:

  • our (visual) awareness
  • relaxation and deep looking
  • discovering the infinite field of visual awareness
  • seeing form as space and seeing space as form
  • our inherent clarity, self-empowerment and joyful photographing!

Seeing ‘the bigger picture’, while being fully connected and trusting each personal resonance of space, form & phenomena. 

We look deeper into seeing space as form and from as space, and the coming together of space, form and phenomena.


Miksang contemplatieve fotografie, mindfulness, meditatie in actie, helder zien, kijken en zien, kunst

Miksang, 1, 2 & 3


  • €390,- including Miksang 4 Reader
  • Shambhala members 315 €
  • Excluding accommodation & meals

Max participants: 9 (there are 2 places available – update June 13 2018)

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