Miksang & Meditation

About Miksang

How do you integrate your experiences of seeing and being touched by your everyday world?
How do stay genuine and be precise in photographing your direct perceptions?
Do you allow yourself to be stopped?

Hoe stop je nu echt? Hoe maken we onszelf iedere keer weer beschikbaar? Hoe wordt het proces van herkennen én vertrouwen dat je geraakt wordt door zomaar iets, begrijpen wat je ziet en een equivalent vormen één doorgaande beweging? Wat gaan we doen? We gaan eenvoudigweg fotograferen, zijn in het hier en nu. Met jouw camera, jouw oog, geest en hart. Met én zonder opdracht!

About Meditation

Sitting meditation (shamatha) is a wonderful practice and technique that offers the possibility for us to engage in  deep relaxation and centering. In a practical way we do nothing.

The instruction we apply is working with our breath, if we lose our mindfulness we come back to our breath. This helps align our body, mind and heart in the present, in the now. We get to know ourselves


  • Start: 19.45 hrs.
  • Saturday & Sunday morning: meditation, instruction, study of inspiring texts, photography
  • Lunch at beach restaurant (optional)
  • Afternoon: photography / editing / free time / meditation
  • Avond: prepare diner together / diner
  • Photo review: 20.30 uur – end
  • Participants: min. 3 – max. 5


  • Brederodestraat 15F27, Zandvoort, NL


2-day program €250,- / 3-day program €350,-

  • Inclusive 2 x diner, tea, coffee, snacks.
  • Exclusive accommodation in Zandvoort.
  • Exclusieve lunch.
  • Note: because of the nature of this program we suggest overnight stay in Zandvoort.