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My current sources of inspiration on joy, clarity, clear seeing, photography, art and wisdom.

Here you find some of my sources of inspiration – on the process of creativity and art, on pure perception and pure expression, on meditation and meditation-in-action, on awakenness and passion and contemplative photography. On being AWAKE in the NOW, on Sacred Presence, on acting from the here and now, in the here and now, right now right here, and the inevitable flow of synchronicity.

Miksang Contemplative Photography – how it all started!


About the founder of the contemplative arts called Dharma Art.
Chögyam Trungpa: meditation master, leader, innovator, artist and inspirator.

  • The contemplative approach of photography, Miksang (meaning: Good Eye) is largely based on the Dharma Art teachings of Trungpa Rinpoche. Upon arriving in the West he quickly met students interested in buddhism, meditation and Shambhala, and also attracted students involved in contemporary arts. His affinity with the arts stems from his own education of becoming a well-trained tulku in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. This education included arts disciplines such as calligraphy, dance, poetry, the arts of bow and arrow and thangka painting. The common aspect is that all these disciplines of the arts as an expression of awakeness and elegance, and expressing one’s realization of Buddhist principles and meditation of awakeness, nowness and joy.

Chogyam Trungpa Ikebana

  • After his flight from Tibet in 1959, via India to England in 1963 and upon arriving in America in 1970, Chögyam Trungpa and attracting students to study with him he also took photography lessons. He started photography at a young age in Tibet, and in the meantime he increasingly mastered modern photography during his time in the West. From this time on, the photos he took are not just a reflection of time and culture. Rather a reflection of his way of looking, seeing and expressing his great appreciation of seeing things as they are. The magic of the everyday.
  • His approach to photography stems from a magical melting pot of deep training in all aspects of Tibetan buddhism and Tibetan arts such as monastic dance, poetry, thangka painting. When arriving in the West along with the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism he brought the Shambhala teachings, his approach on Dharma Art, and combined this with western principles, technology and his interest in the ancient Japanese arts.

Pictures @Chögyam Trungpa

  • From the collection of the Shambhala Archives, a selection photographs made by Chögyam Trungpa (1939 – 1987). Click here>> Update: you need to fill out your email address. 
  • ‘First Thought Best Thought’, a slideshow selected photographs by Chögyam Trungpa. Narrated by Andy & Wendy Karr. Click here & look and listen>>

VCTR foto door Marti Janowitz

True Perception Dharma Art  

Integrating Art & Wisdom

An inspiring talk by Kongtrul Jigme Namgyal.
On art, the creative process and universal wisdom principles: how to express the nature of mind through creative expression and how to give creative expression through the nature of mind.

Kongtrul Rinpoche (1964) is a buddhist teacher and meditation master who lives in the US with his family since 1989. He travels widely throughout the world teaching and furthering his own education.

art and wisdom, creative process, mindfulness, masking contemplative photography, dharma art

We find a universal joy through the creative process 

  • Born in India into a Tibetan family he grew up in a monastic environment and received extensive training in all aspects of Buddhist philosophy and practice. Trained in the traditional Tibetan arts of calligraphy, music and ritual dance, he began painting in the mid-1990’s under the guidance of the French abstract expressionist painter Yahne Le Toumelin. Out of all the Western traditions, abstract expressionism caught his attention due to its acceptance of formless technique, which closely mirrors the relaxation of strict discipline found in advanced meditation.

art and wisdom, creative process, nature of mind, contemplative photography, dharma art

Kongtrul Rinpoche exposes on a regular base. Click here on his website to see his zijn paintings>>
More about Kongtrul Rinpoche on >>

With much appreciation and many thanks to Kongtrul Jigme Namgyal, for his inspiring and actual expression of pure creativity!

Straight Photography

A stream from the early beginning of photography, early 1900, where the emphasize is on the directness of photography without any manipulation. Photography was a new medium and on as a discipline on its way to the status of ‘art’. Out of this develop a short-lived stream called ‘Straight Photography’.

Saul Leiter (03/12/1923 – † 26/11/2013)

An American photographer and painter. His early work from the ’40 and ’50 was an important contribution to the New York School.


About the ‘physics’ of following your highest excitement, one moment at a time, to the best of your ability as far as you can take, with zero expectation about the (possible) outcome.

Bashar is channeled by Darry Anka.
Here are a short excerpts where Bashar speaks on the formula of following one’s highest excitement. If this resonates for you, enjoy!

 Letting Go with Beethoven

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