Miksang 4: Raum & Tiefes Sehen

  • 27. – 30. September 2018 in Zandvoort, Niederlände (auf Englisch)

Having developed equanimity in looking and seeing, having understood the joys of impermanence and fleeting moments, we now take our Miksang Journey to the next unfolding of seeing things as they are.

We continue our visual and perceptual journey by exploring SPACE.  We explore the various forms in space as well how we see space as form. We also explore our inner space, stabilizing the non-separation of inner and outer space.

We expand our visual awareness and open up to the vastness around us.

Voraussetzung: Miksang, 1, 2 & 3

Ort: Zandvoort, Niederlände

preis: 390€