Seeing Fresh Is Not A Special Talent

Seeing something fresh is not a special talent

It comes natural to us, as it is an inherent quality – we are born with this quality. 

Over time – we simply forget we already can see fresh. In fact we do so on a daily base. We experience many moments of seeing  fresh, because it happens all the time and we cannot force it to stop. We do not recognize these moments anymore, a few so now and then. Or we ignore them with a rigorous consistency. Or we became good at reasoning away the feeling of these moments of perceiving fresh.

Over time, we simply became better in thinking.

Our attention is always somewhere

Our attention is always somewhere and is always going somewhere. Attention is like a curious child, it goes where the most movement is, where the most excitement is. We have trained our attention to become habitual in being focussed on thinking and being entertained and involved with clouds of thoughts. Dominantly highly random, and at times very focussed.

Thinking comes in handy

Thinking as a quality of our mind is helpful and necessary; how to order a meal, going to the supermarket and knowing what to buy when we make a meal, building a house, being involved in a meeting etc. And we can train our thinking, to be an assistent to our insights and for assignments; getting skilled. As well we can train out mind to create room for insights to come through: meditation. We also have a limited storage in our brains, to remember; if it gets too full and we don’t empty regularly its gets overheated and slow, and there is a strong tendency to get stuck.

Overthinking exhausts us, and we start feeling burdened. And we start thinking about feeling burdened, looking fro excuses or an way to escape. Instead of placing our attention on feeling, and letting our intuitive knowing provide us what we really need or what is necessary to come up. The randomness to which direction or to which subject our attention goes is rather easy to train to non-randomness. It does take some effort, it take some courage and kindness to oneself to sit with it, but it is actually fun to do once you get to see and feel the result of focussed and more controlled attentiveness!

Seeing fresh, every moment

We can always, every moment step into fresh looking. It is that close to us.
And how do we do this?

Our mind: think versus seeing

When we talk about our mind, we often relate to our thinking mind. This aspect of our mind is very active. And we have trained the thinking part of our mind very well, so it is super active! Beyond our control.

Open space

Is another major aspect of our mind.

Space and relaxation

A walk in the forest, at the beach, while gardening, running or any sports activity relaxes the burdened mind. And with this you automatically give space to your inner space.

This is not so much training the mind, but relaxing the mind; relaxing one’s body and active reasoning mind. Relaxing the doing and activity naturally opens up the senses of hearing, smelling, tasting touching and seeing. You create room to let the direct sensory experiences in.

Descending from our head to our heart

  • Our eyes and camera become the instruments to align our heart and mind. We practice recognizing moments of fresh and heartfelt seeing. We also practice that trusting these moments are worth all the effort of redirecting our attention!
  • We explore our direct environment visually and perceptually; we stick with what our eyes and heart already have seen as it too often easily gets reasoned away or overstepped in the speed of thinking mind.
  • In Seeing From The Heart we being simple – we start with training to lean into the open space of our mind. Training here means that we descend with our attention from thinking to the open space within. And from this open space within we ground ourselves in our heart. Naturally the space of intuitive knowing opens up, simply because it is always and already waiting to be met.
  • Seeing fresh is naturally connected to intuitive knowing, and always an already waiting to be met. Like a child that is eager to play and have fun – it is not  special talent.
©Hèlen A Vink, April 5 2016