Miksang 1 : Seeing From The Heart

3-day introductory workshop to Miksang Contemplative Photography 

  • Tarifa, Spain: March 15-18, 2020 |
  • Zandvoort, Netherlands: June 5-7, 2020 |

Your introduction to the joy of heartfelt seeing and perception-based photography.

Workshop description

In this workshop we develop the ability to make ourselves available to notice the day-to-day beauty in our direct surroundings. We synchronize our eyes, mind and heart so we experience what we see, instead of thinking about what we see. We learn to express our vivid experiences of seeing fresh in a pure genuine photographic way.

First we look, uncontrived, unhindered and unprejudiced, then we see, fresh, and then we connect further leading to a balanced photographic expression applying the Miksang method. One moment at a time.

We shift from result oriented photography to experiencing the joy of direct seeing.

This workshop offers a window on a new way of seeing our everyday world. We learn to recognize our fresh perceptions, so we can stay with the perception. Still and calm. not being swayed by the winds of conceptual thinking and the reasoning mind. We feel what we see and act upon the vivid experience of perception instead of what we think or associate about what we see. Something out of the blue comes to us, we let it in, fully, we connect fully and then we express our experience of seeing directly and vividly with our cameras.

Genuinely and elegantly.
Wake Up with fresh eyes and discover the magic of everyday beauty – One Moment At A Time.

Pre-Requisite: None.
All levels of photographic experience are welcome.

How & what
The workshop begins on the first evening with an introductory talk on contemplative photography – this introductory talk is the requirement for the next workshop days.
The three following workshop days take place from 09.15 hrs – 18.oo hrs. with visual exercises, talks, photographic assignments and reviews. Through instructions, visual exercises and photographic assignments we develop confidence in our ability to connect directly with what we see. Each day we discuss our experiences and review the images group-wise.

What to bring?

    • a digital camera: a compact, SLR or hybrid – as long as it is a digital camera! (no smartphone)
    • fully charged batteries / extra batteries
    • a laptop comes in handy but is not required
    • USB stick to transfer images
    • Also, make sure you have some working knowledge of your camera and software on your computer to transfer images.

Info & registration

  • Contact: Hèlen Vink  T/Whatsapp +31 (0)6 – 53 52 57 59  E click here
  • Costs: €390,- / Shambhala members: €315,- / Age <26: €300
  • Bring a friend: €35,- discount p.p.(not valid for Tarifa, see special pricing >)
  • Min participants: 4
  • Max participants: 10

Workshop Locations

    Guesthouse Darcilla >
    Calle Amador de los Rios, 16, 11380 Tarifa, (Cádiz)
  • In the old part down town | 5 minute walk to the beach | with a view on Africa from the room top!
  • Taught in English (with plenty of room for German explanation/discussion)

More practical info on the workshops in Tarifa >>

    Brederodestraat 15F27
    2042 BA Zandvoort, Netherlands
    Googlemaps >>
  • Ask for recommended accommodations within walking distance.
  • Taught in English (with plenty of room for Dutch & German explanation)


Price 3-day workshop in Zandvoort

  • €390,-
  • Including Online introductory talk & Miksang Reader
  • Including extra photographic assignment after the workshop
  • FB Community for sharing Miksang pictures

Pricing Miksang workshops in Tarifa 
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  • To: Miksang Fotografie
  • IBAN NL88INGB0008018687