Seeing is liberation

There is nothing to be removed from it
And not the slightest to be added.
Actual reality is to be seen as it really is—
Who sees actual reality is released. 

Asanga, 4ht Century Indian Master.

This text refers to emptiness, which is the same as perceiving things as they are. One of the most wonderful and most misunderstood principles and practices deriving from early Buddhism. Understanding and realizing emptiness is a deep longing we all have, so we can experience fully our own inherent nature, our own purity, our immense spectrum of experience and realization.

Abiding with seeing things as they are = experiencing emptiness = seeing without our relentless projections of what we think, like and don’t like or don’t care about it. Without our projections and with our inherent awakeness the seer is liberated, experiencing the full spectrum of joy and bliss.