Sehen, fühlen, fotografieren

We always look, as soon as we have our eyes open.

Seeing happens.

We are there, all the circumstances are there, the beauty and magic of the ordinary is there.

Really seeing is our unique resonance with something out of our direct surroundings!

Don’t look further, don’t judge what you see, stay away from associating, and stay.

Mindful in the now.

Let it happen and feel.

Let it in.

Feel the joy, feel the timelessness, feel the fun, feel the ease, feel the beauty of the things as the present themselves and how situations take place as how they take place.

Then act and express – take a picture.

In het midst of the joy and sometimes even the ecstasy of really seeing, really connecting visually and sensory; calm, mindful, without any expectation, but with precision adjust your camera settings and in an elegant manner press the release button.

And let go.

Centered, free and joyful!

©Hèlen A Vink, September 5 2015, Zandvoort