Slow Photography

The fastest way to be.

By expressing the experience of our direct perception we are.
Right there. Right here.
In the now.

Slow Coffee

Clear water at the right temperature percolates slowly through the ground coffee. All kind of flavors and qualities are released, leaving the coffee grounds behind. A world of sensory enjoyment opens up.

The smell brings us in the moment.
With every nip we enjoy the moment.
And we are right there, here, in the moment.

The embodied experience is a full reflection of the simmering: slowed down coffee on the right temperature.

Slow Photography

We release our availability with our senses onto the world around dus. Clear perceptions percolate through all our preconceived ideas, concepts, photographic ambition, associations and discursive thoughts. Slowly and instantly.

As we see we are. In the now.
As we are struck we are. In the now
A full-embodied experience.

As We Slow Down

We meet a delicate world of sensory beauty – endlessly vivid and rich.

©Hèlen A Vink
March 8 2015, Zandvoort