Paying attention and taking your time

Dharma* Art is a sense of paying attention to what you have, what you are, what you have available. When you pay attention, it make things beautiful and workable.


You have to be willing to take the time. Dharma art is on the spot, and being precise, and appreciating what goes on around you, but also taking your time, not just simply jumping the gun. It’s being on the spot always.

Chögyam Trungpa uit Art of Simplicity ‘Discovering Elegance’

*Dharma is a sanskrit word that means ‘basic norm’. It’s not a particularly religious term. Dharma is said to mean ‘that which creates harmony’, ‘that which makes things  workable’. In other words it is that which promotes harmony and dignity’.

Photo ©Hèlen A Vink, February 16 2015, Zandvoort