Miksang 2 : True Connection

3-day deepening workshop Miksang 2 : True Connection & Fields of Perception | 

TARIFA, Spain: March 20 – 23 2020 > |

  • In Miksang 2 we continue to explore equanimity or eveness about what we see, and practice stabilizing inner stillness, equanimity and graceful photographic expression.
  • In Miksang 1 we have experienced  being available to notice, and have developed openness beyond what ‘this’, or ‘I’ think about what I see.

As a natural result we begin to develop certainty in the view that ‘there is such a thing as unconditional perception that does not come from self or other‘.

As we engage in the unchanging Always Present Presence, the unchanging ‘That-ness’ of the objects of perception, the Is-ness of all, we discover ‘things as they are’.

Undistracted we expanding further into our joy and into connecting to the richness of our everyday world as we truly connect with what-is, with the always present presence.

  • We deepen our inner stillness, so we are able to stay with what we see. Without wanting to elope into thinking based-photography, which is simply a (long) trained habit that no longer serves us here.
  • We further our true connection to seeing unexpectedly, and at the same time stabilize our inner stillness. We hold  ourselves in the place of unmovingness, no need to go into manipulating or ‘what else is there, I need to find something else’.
  • With this understanding and stillness each day we will explore different fields of perception: sidewalk-ness, tree-ness, people-ness, water-ness etc.
  • We trust our experience of seeing things as they are, we trust our unique resonance with what we see.
  • Each moment we have a choice; wake up to the visual world and appreciate what is right there or continue thinking
  • We step in the perceptual and experiential experience of overflowing abundance and the beautiful richness of fields of perception that become visible!

Pre-requisite: Miksang 1 – Seeing From The Heart/ Opening the Good Eye


  • ZANDVOORT: €390,- including Miksang reader

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