Tune in to appreciation

When tuned in to appreciation you meet the world around you in full richness and beauty.

The only action, or non-action,  you need to take is to take the time.
A few seconds, a minute, or simply as long as taking your time lasts.

Simply stop so now and then.
Stop literally physically, stand stil, and tune in, tap in, turn on to appreciation.
Focus on feeling appreciation.


  1. Find something nearby you can easily feel appreciation for.
  2. Tune in. Shift your attention to appreciation.
  3. Now you practice feeling appreciation, until you can extend the feeling of appreciation.
  4. Extend the feeling of appreciation to everything around you, to yourself and everyone.

By tuning in and extending, it gets easier and easier to be in the momentum of appreciation and to be able to stay there.

No matter where you are, or how you feel you can simply tune in to appreciation.

©Hèlen A Vink, Zandvoort, September 5 2015