What is Miksang?

One moment at at time – free and joyful!

Miksang is a Tibetan word that translates as ‘Good Eye’.

This contemplative approach to photography is based on the Shambhala and Dharma Art teachings of meditation master, artist,  scholar and ruler Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, specifically his teachings on the nature of perception and creative dimension of spirituality. The Dharma Art approach is that genuine art has the power to awaken and liberate.

‘Good’ in Miksang doesn’t mean good as we usually use the word as in ‘good’ and ‘bad’. It means our mind is relaxed and open, free of interpretation. We connect to the things as they are, inherently good – beyond good and bad.

When we synchronize our eye, mind and heart we abandon all concepts and predispositions and become completely present in the moment. Our everyday world becomes a magical display of vivid perception. Our experience and expression of day-to-day moments becomes more rich and endlessly varied – beyond what we think.

We see from the heart, and when a stable mind, clear vision and soft heart come together in one single moment, ‘Good Eye’ manifests. Free & Joyful!

We surrender ourselves to the open space within ourselves; the open space within is the space of not-knowing. The open space of our stillness, our inherent brilliant awareness and our joy. What naturally comes from that is that we become more available for the things around us. Without the biases, filters, formulas and photoshop software often associated with photography.

Through the practice of Miksang Contemplative Photography we develop the ability to experience moments of vivid perceptions and express these experiences with our camera. With the Miksang Method we train to become better in noticing the things around us which are always and already present, and playfully learn to give photographic expression so we connect fully to our everyday world and to ourselves.

One moment at time.

An endless journey of unfolding beauty and creative expression.


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