The path of clear seeing, joyful connection and genuine elegant photographic expression:

Miksang 1 – 5, Miksang Masterclass, Miksang Specials & Practice Days

MIKSANG 1: Seeing From The Heart

Your introduction to contemplative photography. This course is an introductie to the joy of direct seeing and the photographic expression based on pure and genuine perception, expression our experiences with the Miksang Method. You are welcome to enroll in a 3-day or 1-day workshop.

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MIKSANG 2: Connecting & Fields of Perception

Now we have experienced seeing beyond our naming and labelling, and trusting our inherent openness of looking and seeing, we continue our visual journey and connect deeper to the unchanging ever present presence of things as they are. We exploring our heartfelt connection by stepping into fields of perception, one at a time; discovering thatness, and developing further unmovingness and equanimity.


MIKSANG 3: Moments & Visual Haiku

After having immersed in the always present presence of things as they are we continue our Miksang Journey with ever chancing moments. What a moment defines is impermanence, always changing, nothing is ever the same; a perception dawns, resides for a while and dissolves. We combine exploring the directness of our perceptual experiences with Japanese Haiku poetry; journeying from ‘thatness’ to ‘moment’.


MIKSANG 4: Deep Looking

Space as from and form as space, and phenomena/appearances/energy in space: we open ourself fully in the expansiveness of space in and explore inner and outer space and form. Super relaxed photographic and awake expression!


MIKSANG 5: Infinite Unfolding

We let go of our Miksang habits and Miksang limitations which we have become familiar with so far and practiced. Now we stabilize ourselves fully in the infinite unfolding of perceptions, completely knowing ourselves and our camera as a means to express our full heart connection. In the midst of all complexity, regardless of visual and inner complexity we connect and allow the ever present beauty.


MIKSANG MASTER CLASS: Essential Instructions

A special class to immerse oneself with more time than is possible in the other workshops in the Miksang Method; you become a master in your experience of fresh seeing, vivid perceptions and photographic expression. Deepening of the three Miksang stages.



A weekend with the combination of contemplative photography, new (visual) exercises, individual practice time and group time, short sessions of meditation, cooking together, free time and relaxation.



One-day practice day for your inspiration! Miksang students from all levels come together; exchange experiences, pictures and practice one Miksang assignment for the day.


Would you like to learn to really look and see and improve your genuine photographic expression? Enroll in the next upocming Miksang 1: Seeing From The Heart.

You will receive as soon as possible the information you need to embark on the path of looking, seeing and expressing your unique vivid experiences with the camera, Free and joyful.

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