SCHEDULE Miksang workshops 2019

in English or German

MIKSANG 1 – Seeing From The Heart

3-day introductory workshop to contemplative photography

Pre-requisite: none

Interested in having a Miksang Introductory course 1 in your home town?
Feel free to inquire and we explore the possibilities and requirements.
Contact: helen[at]

Deepening Workshops

MIKSANG 2 – True Connection & Fields of Perception

3-day deepening workshop
Pre-requisite: Miksang 1

MIKSANG 3 – Moments & Visual Haiku

3-day workshop
Pre-requisite: Miksang 2

MIKSANG 4 – Space & Deep Looking

  • Dates TBA
    Location: Zandvoort, Netherlands

3-day workshop
Pre-requisite: Miksang 3


The Essential Instructions
on Looking, Seeing, Being and Photographing

Pre-requisite: Miksang 1 Seeing From The Heart

MIKSANG INTENSIVE – ‘Heaven, Earth, Men & Magic’

Pre-requisite: Miksang 3

Update: May 3 2019

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